【 about 】
While I will carry out your work of painting, it has been active drawing broadcast, the drawing videos to main.
The main activities are Kagamine Len and Oliver of VOCALOID, but ...
At that time it has drawn what you like.
Twitter is a private setting account, but we have not rejected.
When the broadcast of the password is set, notice to Twitter


I love things we: I like boy!
I love cats
vocaloid len kagamine oliver 

【 how to drawing Broadcasting 】

YouTube live
※broadcast Information is Twitter

paypal  nicopin1003@gmail.com

【 works 】 
Free illustrator

Work request accepted

【 LINK 】
Custodian psycho(サイコ
mail nicopin1003@gmail.com
URL http://chuchu-u.grats.jp/
banner urlhttp://chuchu-u.grats.jp/chuchu_u.jpg


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